The Peshitta Institute, Leiden, has provided the CAL Project  with the electronic text of the majority of our files of the Peshitta. Proofreading and collation has been done by CAL staff.

The texts are intended to be identical to those published in the printed editions (The Old Testament in Syriac according to the Peshitta Version, edited on behalf of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, Brill, Leiden, in progress.) The main texts of this edition are primarily the so-called BTR text, i.e. the text of MS Milan, Ambrosian Library, B.21 inferiore (=7a1),  revised as described in the introduction to those volumes. Readers will not get a full text-critically and text-historically correct picture of the Peshitta text unless they consult the variants registered in the printed edition.  In due course we hope to replace the texts based on the printed editions with critical ones prepared at the Peshitta Institute.

All rights of publication of the electronic text are reserved to the Peshitta Institute Leiden/Brill.  The texts may not be published in any form or format without prior written permission from the Institute.

TO ACCESS THE TEXTS: please use the main CAL text menu from the home page.